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Adbhutham or Adbutham ("Wonder") is a Malayalam highlight movie coordinated by Jayaraj. Adbhutham is the fourth film in chief Jayaraj's "Navarasa Series". The title of the film, 'Adbhutam ' (wonder) suits its making more than the subject as it has been shot (2005) in two hours and fourteen minutes. The mind blowing record-breaking accomplishment has been made conceivable by fastidious arranging and the incalculable coordinated practices extended as long as seven days at Ramoji Rao film studio in Hyderabad. The film won the LIMGA BOOK OF RECORDS in 2007 for the principal highlight film shot in the most limited time. Adbhutham delivered in 2021 April 14 Vishu day on Roots Video OTT Platform without theater discharge in a long haul of 15 years after the shoot. It stars Suresh Gopi ,Mamta Mohandas and KPAC Lalitha in lead jobs. Suresh Gopi assumes the part of a man who is disabled with serious infections and Mamta plays his woman love. The film depends on a state-helped killing case that occurred in Oregon.

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