Thimiram (2021) Full Movie Download

Thimiram (2021) Full Movie Download
Waterfall is the narrative of a seventy-year-elderly person's waterfall related issues. It features the complexities after his waterfall medical procedure. The hero of the film is a seventy-year-old, working class man, who acquires his bread &butter by selling curry masalas to nearby shops. He is a male bullhead who maligns females in the conviction that they are second rate compared to men and in this way meriting not exactly equivalent treatment or advantage. His insolence towards ladies is profound established from youth itself. In this way, the title Thi.Mi.Ram or Cataract conveys various layers of importance. At the end of the day, the title and film itself is an illustration. The female characters of the film are simply the exemplification regard and ladies' honesty. Despite the fact that they have been enduring a direct result of the hero's disposition, they love their self confidence. "Kannanu pennu or lady is the eye " is the slogan of the film. It is the core of the film as well. So, the film announces that regarding and praising womanhood is fundamental, alongside ladies strengthening. Indeed. It's a film with female honesty.

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