Aarattu (2022) Full Movie Download

Aarattu Full Movie Download

So finally the latest movie Aarattu was released. This is one of my favorite films I have viewed the movie was very awesome almost everyone who watches this movie will like this movie Oh no we are moving from our topic.

Today I am going to explain to you how to download Aarattu from tamilrockers for free within a few clicks but before that let me explain some information about tamilrockers. Tamilrockers is a team that leaks all the latest movies illegally on the internet for free. 

Before starting our article you must know some important information about tamilrockers and piracy.  Tamilrockers is a movie downloading website where you get HD Quality movies they don't share direct files they share torrent links you need to have a torrent app or use a telegram bot to extract files from torrent links. Tamilrockers is making a huge loss to the film industry. 

Aarattu Full Movie Download Links

Here is the download link of the latest Malayalam movie Aarattu.  You can download the movie just by clicking on the buttons below. I Recommend you use the Google Drive link. Gdrive has a very fast server. On the next page, you can choose which quality you want. There is 3 quality available 480,720p, 1080p. 480p file size is between 400MB to 480MB. 720p file size is between 650MB to 800MB. 1080p file size is between 900MB to 1.5GB

Aarattu Full Movie Google Drive Download Link:

Aarattu Full Movie Direct Download Link From Tamilrockers Server :

Aarattu Full Movie Mega Download Link:

Aarattu Full Movie Anonfiles Download Link

Is torrent is illegal?

No torrent is not illegal in any manner. It is awesome technology. But the sad part is torrent is mainly used for sharing copyright content or for piracy. 

It is an illegal account of Indian law. In some countries, piracy is not illegal countries if you are from there you can use tamilrockers and other pirated websites to download movies. 

Why authorities can't stop websites like Tamilrockers

Because owners of pirated websites like tamilrockers, Isaimini, Tamilmv, Tamilblasters.

 Are anonymous they keep everything private and they are operating from outside India where piracy is not illegal. 

So authorities can only ban their domain names with an Internet service provider like jio, Vi, Airtel, etc. But admins of tamilrockers are very smart they just change the domain name extensions from .com to .in, .org, .ws .xyz, etc.

Recently block tamilrockers domain names are :

TamilRockers.ph TamilRockers.com
TamilRockers.co TamilRockers.bz
TamilRockers.pl TamilRockers.in
TamilRockers.wc TamilRockers.net
TamilRockers.ms TamilRockers.by
TamilRockers.net TamilRockers.org
TamilRockers.biz TamilRockers.lol
TamilRockers.de TamilRockers.icu
TamilRockers.to TamilRockers.do

How do tamilrockers make money by providing Aarattu movies for free illegally?

All most everyone has this doubt in their mind that why they share this movie for free and taking this much risk. Tamilrockers is getting a good amount of money by sharing movies online for free. 

They earn about 3 cores every month from their website ads. The main problem of tamilrockers website is the ads they show as popup ads which are very annoying to visitors. 

This is one of the major sources of their earning they have many other sources for earning. They show ads in the movies. 

All the movies leaked in tamilrockers have ads in them. These ads irritate us very much when we watch movies. 

They also have a huge user base in their telegram channel. They earn a huge amount of money by doing paid promotions. 2 minutes silence for those who think that tamilrockers is free. 

Nothing is free in this world all the services are paid so some of them make money directly and some of them make money indirectly. 

Why did tamilrockers change its name recently?

Yes, tamilrockers changed their name to a new one because many ott platforms take legal action against tamilrockers. 

So the court decided to suspend tamilrockers domain name from the internet. Due to that tamilrockers team can't access to there website so they changed to a new name called Tamilblasters. 

Aarattu Full movie Info

Movie NameAarattu
Resolution1080p HD, 720p, 360p, 480p
Budget19 Cr

Is downloading Aarattu movies from Tamilrockers is illegal?

Yes, piracy is illegal in India according to the copyright act. You will get punished if authorities know about it.

Aarattu Full Movie Download 720p Tamilrockers

So you want to download the Aarattu movie from tamilrockers downloading group is very simple. Go to tamilrockers, tamilblasters, tamilmv, display, klwap or you can download it from tamilrockers official telegram channel. Aarattu movie is available in 480p, 720p, 1080p(HD).

I don't recommend you to download the Aarattu movie from tamilrockers because it's illegal. I recommend you to go and enjoy the Aarattu movie in theatres or the ott platform. 

How to download Aarattu movie from tamilrockers?

Downloading Aarattu latest Malayalam movie is very easy. Now tamilrockers new name is tamilblasters so search tamilblasters and open the first website and download Aarattu full movie. Always use a VPN and turn on adblocker.

You will get the torrent link now extract the movie from it. I never recommend you to follow this step always watch movies on ott platforms or in theaters. Downloading movies from tamilrockers is illegal never do that I am sharing this information for an educational purpose. Never do this process to download Aarattu movie. 

A movie is the hard work of many people. Many people are living with movies. So always say no to pirated content. Never promote or share pirated content it's illegal. I request all my readers to go and watch movies in theatres. Aarattu movie must be watched on the big screen.

How to download Aarattu movie from telegram?

Downloading movies from telegram is easier than downloading from tamilrockers or tamilblasters.

 For that just search, the name of the movie in the telegram search bar and you will get the list of channels that matches the name which you have searched simply of the channels you can find the file in it. 

I don't recommend you to use this method also this is also illegal never try to use this method I sharing this for education purposes. I request all my visitors to watch the movie in theatres. Don't do any of these methods. All are illegal. 

Conclusion -

Hope everyone got the message I am sharing through his article. Never download pirated content Or use websites like Tamilrockers it's illegal you may go to jail if authorities know about it. So always watch movies legally. legally you found this article helpful.


We never engage our visiter to go to any movie downloading website Like isaimini for the latest movies, and also we did not promote any website. This article is only for Education purposes.

As per the Indian act, piracy of original content is punishable. These websites are not safe to download any movies. If you want to download any movie, please download it at your own risk. This is just a news article please don't give us dmca notice. If you want to remove this article from our website sent a mail to [email protected] we will remove the article immediately

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